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Recording Studio
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"They really helped my shy daughter come out of her shell! She is now singing in more musicals and performing more often, which she really loves. We are so grateful and highly recommend this studio"

- Janet, mom of 12 year-old Melissa

Lessons for Kids

Kids LOVE to Sing! 

When your child shows an interest in singing, it can be hard to know where to start. Where do you find that perfect blend of challenge and fun? Our studio is built to identify your child's favorite songs and musical styles. We remain flexible so that the focus is always on strengthening their love of music while building their performance skills.

Cute stuttering child girl speaking doin

Growing Confidence

It can be tricky to find an activity that sparks interest in a way that lasts. We really listen to your child and choose songs that they WANT to sing. We challenge them with different styles like classical, pop, folk and Broadway musical theater, and provide motivational activities like recording projects and concerts to keep them engaged.  

Kid singing in studio.Little girl singin

Convenience for your busy life

So life is just never simple is it? You have so many obligations, it can just get overwhelming. We offer choices that make your life easier.  You can choose an online lessons format, an in-person lessons, or a hybrid of both. 

Our easy billing system and scheduling reminders make the entire experience a natural addition to your life without adding any stress. 

Studying on a Computer

Helping them to shine

When your child is taking part in a show or production, finding them a guide to teach them the music and their spoken lines is important! We use strategies like rote repetition, muscle memory, and note reading to help empower them to really shine.  

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