Sing again, with your dear voice revealing

A tone Of some world far from ours,

Where music and moonlight and feeling

Are one.     

Percy Bysshe Shelley

With attention to technique and freedom of expression, the path toward finding your best sound opens. Whatever your reasons for vocal study, bel canto principles will get you there. 

Leah Crowne teaches classical, operatic singing and Broadway style belt. Jazz, which is a combination of the two is also a major part of her studio. If you would like to inquire about consultations and regular studio work, contact her at

CrowneVoice Studio

** Introducing Sliding Scale Lesson Fee, based on need**

The pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for singers to continue their studies while making ends meet. 

I happen to know - you need to eat to live, and you also need to sing to live. 

So I will work with your budget until better times return to us. 

If you’re an active opera performer or

classical soloist, work with me. I’ll make you better.


If you’re finished with your schooling, and are now preparing for your next big performance, work with me. I’ll help you polish and perfect repertoire for competitions, young artist programs, and concert appearances. 


If you’re ready to make your debut, work with me. I’ll ensure that your technical skills are top notch, and then I’ll coach your arias and art songs. My studio is for singers who want to be the very best they can be, whether that’s on an opera stage in Europe, a concert hall in New York, or a start-up opera company in their hometown.

If you’re a professional singer building and expanding your network, work with me. I’m your colleague. I have a deep pool of knowledge and experience that comes with being an active professional performer. I’ll help you claim your spot in the music world, wherever you are and however you want to contribute. 


Work with me to turn your musical talent and passion for performing into a satisfying music career.




A comprehensive Approach


I use a comprehensive, multi-media approach to meet YOUR needs. 

I'm available by text, email and phone when you need advice


or just a listening ear.

I use my connections as an international performer to expand YOUR


I will do everything I can to help YOU realize your dreams. 

Work with Me






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