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Recording Studio
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"Leah is so kind and really knows her craft very well. I saw improvement in my voice even in the first 15 minutes of our first lesson!"

-Jaeydn (pop singer)

Music Theater and Pop

get better parts

You have your eyes set on a part in an upcoming musical. You know that character is the perfect fit for you, and you want to be a part of this project. You also know the competition is going to be fierce. We can train you with techniques and skills that will help you to nail that audition and win that part. 

Opera Singer

make an impression

So you've gotten the part. Congratulations! Now you have to worry about preparing that role so that you are remembered by the cast, and the director asks you back for more roles. We will polish your music so well that the applause at the end of every show will be legendary. We will help you to become a staple in your theater community. 

Actors Reading Script

expand your range

It is so frustrating when you have a song or a 16 bar cut that you want to perform, but it requires a high belt. You can't seem to hit those notes without flipping in to head voice or feeling like your head is going to explode from strain. We can help you expand your range so that your belt is both easy and healthy. 


build confidence

Wouldn't it be nice to just feel like you have the training, the skills, and the support to truly enjoy performing? No more panic attacks before it's your turn to sing? No more hoping your voice doesn't crack. We build your technique from the inside out, so that it becomes  muscle memory, and you never  have to worry about losing it when you are nervous. 

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