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Crowne Voice Studio has helped me find vocal freedom that has unlocked so much sound and color! They are very caring and supportive in a way that truly grows your confidence.  Each student is given the personal attention they need to grow as artists and are lots of opportunities to showcase and further grow their talents. At this critical junction, this is exactly where I need to be!

- Heather, professional singer and teacher

~ Heather

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Philadelphia, PA

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Take voice lessons anywhere in the world using our

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In Person Lessons Available in:

York, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Meet Our Team


We have patient, committed voice teachers in our studio; people with experience who are now empowering their own students.


Our Clients

I was afraid I was going to be asked to leave because I didn't read music, but Crowne Voice Studio met me where I was and guided me toward becoming a better singer and musician. 

-- Deborah


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Tel~ (717) 858 0036


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