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“ Rollen som Turandot synges med insnende intensitet av den dramatische sopranen Leah Crowne.”

“The role of Turandot was sung with icey intensity by dramatic soprano Leah Crowne”


Bergens Tidende | Bergen Norway 


Middlebury, Vermont

“Not only were the sets and costumes exotic, Turandot was truly imperious. When Leah Crowne, a young soprano in her second time in the role, began to sing, she nearly shook the house with her power, delivering Turandot’s anger and arrogance, reducing onlookers to fear.


Crowne revealed herself as a dramatic soprano with a large and intense voice. As Turandot, that fits as her tone ranged from beautiful to fierce. But Crowne modulated her voice to reveal Turandot’s softer side, becoming even tender.”

Rutland Herald | Middlebury | VT 

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“Si l’on essaye de les regrouper par qualités majeures, on louera une belle générosité chez la Salomé de Leah Schenck-Crowne, tout comme dans les stances chantées par le.” 

"If we try to rate them by major qualities, we will praise the generous and beautiful Salomé, sung by Leah Crowne."

Forum Opéra | Beziers France 

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