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I was afraid because I didn't read music, but Crowne Voice Studio met me where I was and guided me toward becoming a better singer and musician.

- Deborah 

-- Deborah

we meet you where you are

We don't judge you based on your past musical study or experience. We accept you at your current level and challenge you to achieve your best without tearing you down. From the first time we meet, you will realize that this is YOUR lesson. And our priority is to help you find more joy in singing. 

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feel prepared and confident

If you were asked to sing a solo for your choir, a ceremony, a show, or a party, we can help you to prepare for that. Something that feels scary will quickly turn into a cool opportunity with the right guidance from a skilled voice teacher. 


rediscover your voice

If you used to sing years ago and want to rediscover that outlet, we are excited to help you. It can be frustrating when you are trying to sing along to your favorite artists, or want to join a choir, but your voice just doesn't sound the same as it once did. Our highly qualified and patient teachers will help you to rebuild those skills.


Perform more often

We can help you find more opportunities to enjoy using your voice in public. It can feel confusing if you are looking to perform more but don't know where to start. We are experts at identifying the right opportunities for you. 

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