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I would highly recommend Crowne Voice Studio!  From new vocal techniques that help me as a singer and teacher, to the extra mile Leah Crowne goes to in helping facilitate performance opportunities, such as solo and group recitals and staged opera performances.  She is encouraging and dedicated to her students.

- Cathleen, Opera Singer and Voice Teacher

Lessons for Kids

a reliable technique

You are tired of guessing whether your voice will serve you on any given day. You want breath support that will get you to the end of phrases. You want legato and spot-on intonation. We set you on this path from the very first lesson. 


expand your network

You feel isolated as an artist these days. You want to network with directors, conductors, and other singers so that you can expand your possibilities. We provide quarterly workshops and other opportunities to meet more people and cast your net.

Medium shot of actors rehearsing in a th

win your dream roles

Do you want to be performing more often, at better programs? We can help you to unlock the mystery as to why you aren't landing the opportunities you want, and prepare you before next audition season. 

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empowering repertorie

You want help choosing art songs and concert arias for your recitals. You're unsure on what will suit your voice and are feeling overwhelmed at the wide variety of choices. You want to coach this repertoire so that you make a great impression. We will match you with the rep that feels like it was written with your voice in mind. Your audience will be captivated. 

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